LDS Baptism Books

January 2nd, 2012 in About Me, Learning

I posted on Facebook a couple of months ago (although I am no longer on that blasted Facebook!) that I was doing “Baptism Books” for the kids turning eight this year in Primary. A few people wondered what they were and what was in them. Why, let me tell you!

LDS Baptism Books

We schedule a visit with the kids to give them their baptism books about a month before their “baptism date.” We just sit and talk to them about how they are, fun things about themselves, about being baptized and see if they have any questions at all. Then I show them what is in their book:

(This is the Table of Contents… there also is a page on either Scouts or Activity Days) 

See? It goes through what they can do to prepare (everything from FHE lessons to a list of things they should be doing), their big day (everything from sign-in pages to places for pictures) and then lastly, what they do after they are baptized (how to renew their covenants during Sacrament, the Faith in God program, etc.).

I already know I am going to get requests for printables, downloads, etc. But I am going to be mean and say no… because I think you should do it yourself. Hear me out… and The Idea Room… blogs/websites like that are great. I use them! But I don’t just print something out from them and call it good. Part of your calling is to get to know your kids and the needs of the Primary. If it’s your calling at church to put together these books, then sure — use some help online, BUT put thought into it and make it work for *YOUR* sweet kiddos. You’ll know exactly what you need to put on the page and even though all the doctorine will be the same, the way you decide to put it together, present it to the kids, etc. will be inspiration you need to receive on your own.

Sorry. Off the soapbox now.

I had fun personalizing it for the kiddos. I asked their parents what their two favorite colors were and their favorite hobby to know how to decorate it for them. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but the kids feel so special when I hand it to them — both the boys and girls!

I love being in Primary. Hope I can stay here forever!


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