Last Art Group: Hand Trees

September 30th, 2010 in Crafts

I have done a neighborhood art group twice in different neighborhoods and both times I ended it in September. Since I host them outside, the poor kiddos are just freezing while they play with paint if I do it any later than that.

So for our LAST art group we made a “Tree.”  It was funny (well funny sad) because I had to BUY fake leaves since we had the Herriman fire.

Hand Trees:


Blue Poster Board, cut into fourths

Brown Paint





1. Paint the kid’s arm from the elbow down with brown paint and use it as a “stamp” on the paper.

2. Have them glue on the grass and the leaves.

3. Voila! So simple and easy, huh?

It also helped to have a neighbor sitting by with the hose to wash off their arms.  What a good home teacher I have! :)

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