Lake Nicaragua & the 365 Islets of Granada

January 31st, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America. Mombacho volcano (which is now dormant) blew into the lake, forming the 365 Islets of Granada. You can take a tour of the islands which usually lasts 2 hours or 4 hours. We talked someone into 1 hour because that is all we knew the two babies could do. The tour guide was a bit grumpy so we didn’t get the tour I know people talk about online. But it was still fun and he pointed out who owns some of the islands. From a family that is from Texas to the richest person from this Nicaraguan city to just some farmers to a politician.

There even is one island that is just the “town” cemetery (meaning all the people who live on the 365 islands, they have formed their own community). One island a veterinarian left four monkeys on. They eat just what people bring to the island and one of the poor monkeys fried off his tail from the electrical wire.

I thought this tour was going to be the highlight of our trip. But with Shae screaming non stop because she didn’t like the feel of the life jacket, to Reagan being fussy, to a grumpy tour guide… Wait it just dawned on me the poor guy had to drive *US* around! No wonder he seemed grumpy. The two older ones seemed so bored the whole time. They did like when the driver stopped, grabbed a banana pod, and showed them the flower inside. But other than that they just sat still and stared off into the distance. Tyler and I really enjoyed the tour though. You never know what will be a hit or miss on vacation when dealing with so many kids I guess.

Another fun fact about this lake is that is has the only fresh water sharks known to man. The lake also has beautiful birds and crocodiles. Doesn’t that make you want to take a swim?

Once again this another post with just tons of pictures. Be sure to catch the one where off the house is a diving board, just to dive off right into the lake. I couldn’t work my camera that well with the screaming babies. So I didn’t get a shot of the cemetery island or the island that has the most beautiful house on it. The property even had it’s own chapel on it. I was telling my husband, this is a novel waiting to happen. Some mystery novel based of the Islets of Granada. Would someone start writing that for me to read?

that is the volcano in the skyline above

the picture above is of bird nests hanging down from the trees

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