Labor Day Weekend

September 18th, 2013 in About Me

Why do the best things of the summer all have to happen at once? I would go to each of these separately but they  smush the Timpanogus Storytelling Festival, Swiss Days, and Solider Hollow Sheepdog Festival all into one weekend. I have never made it to Swiss Days which is fine, it looks like a mad house on everyone’s instagram streams.

CommuniCanine (our company that my husband owns) hosted a movie in the park for our clients. Tyler chose to play Sandlot and serve Costco cookies and grape soda. Just for future knowledge if you stuff yourself with grape soda, costco cookies, and run around trying to keep kids quiet…you will be up barfing in the night. (no I am not pregnant) Also little kids can become intoxicated from the combination, see below:

One year I want to spend the whole weekend at the storytelling festival and not have to share it with the sheep herding. But Tyler rarely gets excited for things so the fact that he looks forward to this every year will keep me going. We watch some police dog demonstrations, dogs diving, dogs herding, dogs doing tricks, all that jazz.

They have this great group that shows off their wild animals; foxes, reptiles, birds, skunks, etc. The girls always look forward to that.

Every year somehow the girls show off their charm and get picked to be part of a demonstration. This year Abby got to help a horse paint a picture:

I headed to the storytelling festival with my mom to listen to Carmen Agra Deedy speak. I only heard one of her stories, the girls missed out on creating pottery, they sold out of the books I wanted to pick up, and we watched a bit of a puppet show. I was too nervous to go up and say hi to Carmen even though she was just standing there waiting to talk to people. I want a re-do of the festival. RE-DO!

Fun weekend but everyone in charge needs to start spacing these things out during the summer!

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