Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Class Party

January 23rd, 2012 in Parties

This is my last party I get to do for Abby’s class. The other one was the Halloween Party. I guess there are only two! Bummers.

Well, let me tell you what we have planned for this one. I kind of went more of the way of… I will spend my money on craft supplies and let all the other parents bring everything else… and I went the lazy way of just ordering things from Oriental Trading.

I am doing the stations like last time that the kids will work through. Let me tell you what I learned from doing this station thing. The kids wander and get lost and forget what group they are in. And none of the kids remember what number or letter you assigned their group to keep them together! So this time I am having them put labels on their shirt that just have a simple color on it. So that way I can say, “RED group over here,” and they’ll just look down at their shirt to see what color they are.

I also am not going to worry about giving them a “treat” or little “prize” at every station because they will all have their Valentines to pass out to each other at the beginning of the party.

Five Stations:

#1 Don’t Eat Pete: Yes, again! The kids love this,  and it’s easier to get through than Bingo. I found Valentine’s Day themed ones here at Be Different Act Normal.

#2 Conversation Hearts with Chopsticks: This idea is from Family Fun (isn’t that a cute magazine?). Put a bunch of hearts in a bowl and have two kids race each other to see how many they can get out with the chopsticks.

Steal My Heart Game

#3 Magic Color Scratch Hearts from Oriental Trading

#4 Monster Valentine ornaments from Oriental Trading

#5 I LOVE YOU Keychains to make for parents — from Oriental Trading

Opening, Closing & Extra Filler Time Needed Activities:

Reading the books The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers (about love), Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (about friendship) and If You’ll Be My Valentine by Cynthia Rylant; eating heart sugar cookies & punch and singing some silly Valentines Day songs — great list here.

P.S. Here are some other great Valentine’s Day Party Ideas here.


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