Kindergarten Halloween Party

October 24th, 2011 in About Me

I am planning Abby’s kindergarten Halloween party for her school class. I have to hold myself back, though — can’t go overboard. I need to keep things simple — which is hard for me to do.

So here is the plan, in case any of you out there are also a room parent and are working on the same thing right now!

I emailed the whole plan to the teacher, so she could take a look with her eye and let me know if there is anything I should change. Teachers know their class and students the best!


Kindergarten Halloween Party


Opening Activity with All Kids: Reading The Ugly Pumpkin with props, Quick Finger Activity Song with a Halloween theme and Reading the Chocolate Chip Ghost with the characters on a felt board.

Sorry, bad picture — taken late at night with cell phone!

Separate kids into six different groups to work through different activity stations. Give them their labeled puppet ghosts (with their name and a number for which station group they will be in) to hold all their little prizes from each station. It’s just two pieces of white felt that are hot glued together with some googly eyes glued on top. These are also fun to put over cups for decorations. Also, I have a bag ready at each station with a prize inside — everything from a glow in the dark centipede to candy.

Once again, picture taken with cell phone late, late at night! Can anyone tell what show I am watching in the background?


  1. Pumpkin Bowling: Set up little, tiny pumpkins stacked on each other, and let the kids take turns knocking them down with some sort of “bowling ball.”
  2. Guess What is in the Bag: Have a set of bags with something “Halloween-ey” inside that the kids have to guess by touching it and not seeing it. Anything from a cork that could be a “witch’s nose,” to some silly putty that could be “monster guts,” etc.
  3. Spider Pet Craft: Pre-paint Styrofoam (or floral arrangment balls) black for the kids. Have pipe cleaners and googly eyes so they can decorate their own pet spiders. If you are worried about glue not drying in time, you could get sticker dots for the eyes.
  4. Decorating Cupcakes: Mini Cupcakes! Have frosting and a few candies the kids can put on top to decorate their own cupcake. Save for refreshment time.
  5. Don’t Eat Pete: This game is such fun for the kids, and there are more winners than in Bingo. If you just google “Halloween Don’t Eat Pete,” up pops so many ideas and free templates to print out. I like this one here, and this one here.
  6. Pin the nose on the Jack O’ Lantern: The teacher already had this one from past parties. Be sure to ask your teacher if she has anything already done to save you a bit of time.

Closing Activity with All Kids: Halloween Does it Float? Grab a few Halloween items to put in a big bowl full of water, and let the kids guess if they float or not. End with the pumpkin — most kids will say it will sink, but it does float!

Refreshment Time! Of course, have punch with dry ice in it — the kids can never get enough of that dry ice — well, let me be honest…*I* can never get enough of punch with smoke coming out of it. The kids can eat their cupcake, have their drink, and the couple pieces of candy they got from the different stations.

And if things move too quickly and we need to make up some time I have these planned just in case: Another Halloween book and “Spooky ABCs,” where I have the kids go through the ABCs and try to think of a Halloween word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Of course, in advance I’ll have a list printed out to help us through them. Here is a great one here.

Also, these were some other fun ideas I came across that would work in the stations as well: I Spy Halloween Poster, Mummy Game (have two rolls of toliet paper and have the kids race to see who can make one person a mummy the fastest), throwing sand bags into a display, Halloween Bingo, decorating trick-or-treat bags, having the kids bring in a bag of candy and have a trick-or-treating circle, macaroni skeleton craft, Halloween freeze dancing, Simon Says with Halloween theme (dance like a zombie, sound like a crow…etc.), get a picture of each kid ahead of time and have them cut out their head and put onto a picture of a monster (that they create/color).

Should be a fun Kindergarten Halloween Party! Next party for the class….Valentine’s Day — if you know of any fun ideas please pass them along.

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