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September 5th, 2011 in About Me, Love of Local in Utah

Beautiful Kim met us downtown at the library to do the girls’ annual photos and to take my sister’s bridal shots.

Kim does birth story photos, newborn photos, kid photos, family photos, bridal photos and everything in between. She uses FILM, which means the photos are natural. She is caring, sweet, professional, talented and dependable.

We PAY her to do our photos so this isn’t a blogger review. She did Shae’s newborn shots (see here) and the girl’s pictures last year as well.

I wanted to show you some shots from the day of the girls:

Man, I tried to prep for these photos! I had the girls get out a lot of energy in the morning, then rest a bit before we went. We had potty time done and snacks in stomachs PRE getting dressed. I nursed Baby Shae before pictures and she had a long nap but HA HA. She SCREAMED the whole time, and as soon as my mom showed up Shae fell fast asleep in her arms. Let me show you the one we are using for our Christmas card:

After the girls’ pictures, Kim did my sister’s bridals. These were some of Baby Sister’s favorites:

And this is my favorite of Laura Lou because this picture has so much of her personality in it:

Another beautiful thing about Kim of Kim Orlandini Photography…PERSONALITY and realness come through the photography.

Just love her.

You can find her here:





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