Monster Mania Kid’s Craft eBook—Only $7!

September 15th, 2009 in Crafts

Marie from Make and Takes just released her kid crafty MONSTER MANIA eBook!

And boy am I excited.  I cannot even tell you how many crafts I have made from her site.  Well I can- TONS!

When I heard Marie was going to work on Kids Crafts books, I was thrilled.  She has fabulous ideas that don’t cost a ton to make, aren’t too terribly difficult, and are still so clever and fun.

I mean, when is the last time you have seen a fabulous, or good, or even “ok” craft book to buy? The girls and I go to the library and bookstores and find nothing. Everything is either in black and white or published in the 70’s.  Or they just have lousy ideas in them.

Marie’s book is fabulous.  The girls and I have already done two crafts for Halloween with things we already had in the house. Her directions are clear, pictures are adorable but functional, and she even has the template for you in the book!

The best part? HER BOOK IS ONLY 7 DOLLARS!


So if you want to get to work with your kiddos or grandkids or nieces or even the cute kids you babysit, check out this book.  Make a Monster Shape Memory Game, Furry Monster Feet Craft, or whip up some Monster Stew with this book. Really, it is worth far far more than $7.  Hurry and pick yourself up a copy by clicking the button below:

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