Jungle Walks at Dusk & Kiddo Beach

December 11th, 2011 in Nature, Our Travels Worldwide

You would think this sign would have kept us out of the jungle. But in the book for the house, it talked all about going back there and checking out the animals. During the day we did! It was like its own bird & butterfly backyard. We took a spoooooky walk at dusk as well. But then the next day there was a barbed wire fence put up with two locks on it. So…I guess we weren’t supposed to explore back there! Here are some pictures from our at-dusk jungle walk:

We also have gone into nearby “gulfs” or “bays” where the waves are smaller and the pull is not strong. Cameron is scared of the ocean, and has been on our last couple of trips. She explained to me why: “Mom, the ocean just wants to pull you in and just not let go!” Which is true. That is how strong it is by our house; Tyler almost drowned out there earlier in the week… So I wanted to get Cameron to feel safe with the ocean if she was with her mama. Also, Abby just LOVES hopping over, dunking through and bodysurfing through the waves. We wanted to give her a chance to do it on her own, with us just sitting right by her in case she needed help. At the beach Shae sits up in the sand and plays around. She only tried a bit of sand ONCE, and then learned her lesson and hasn’t tried to eat it again. Cameron and I play “CAKE WARS” at the beach, decorating the coolest sand cakes we can, and having everyone else judge them.


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