Jungle Excursion

August 24th, 2010 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

Ok! The Jungle Excursion…interesting story.

We are looking to live out of the country, either for the full year or for just a couple of months per year.

So I set up a tour to visit an island out there in Panama where they are building a whole community- a drop dead beautiful community! AND quite a few of the housing options are in our price range!  We wanted to go on out there to see if it was for us. We are ready; business wide, financially wise, family wise, everything else under the sun wise!

Honestly, I don’t know if the guy giving us the tour thought we were for real.  It made for a semi uncomfortable trip.  I mean…he was not rude, but I had the feeling that he was thinking, “I really came out there for THEM?” Maybe I need to dress nicer or be a bit older and not have young kids to be taken seriously? I don’t know.

Either way, we walked through the island (nothing is built right now.  The plans are only online, so it was just a hike pointing out different things).  It was a long hike but thank goodness we ALSO got to go with some of the locals who are working on the island.

They were warm and friendly and helpful!  They carried the girls on their shoulders, made sure they had enough to drink (coconut water out there and gatorade on the way back) and tried to cut down on the hike.

At the end, all four of us were COVERED in bug bites, and honestly, I wasn’t 100% happy.  Why didn’t they tell us to wear longer clothing?  Or why didn’t they tell us how long the hike would be? I have never been to Panama or ventured on a hike in the rain forest! The girls were also covered in stickers and so worn out from the hike.

The island is beautiful and the community will be beautiful.  But then one statement was made and I knew it wasn’t for us.  The point was made that only CERTAIN people could be on the island and not just EVERYONE could be there. That…that was the dinger.  I WANT my girls to be around all sorts of different beautiful people if we live outside the country.  Later on we found *the* place we want to go back to next year and try for a week: Boquete.  Turns out the other one wasn’t for us, even though we went out with high, high hopes and genuine interest.

But the hike through the jungle got me THIS picture:

Such nice guys!

We did quite a few more things while in Panama.  I’ll put up the rest of the updates this week as soon as I get some energy back.  Seriously guys, I feel as if everything has been sucked out of me! When will I rebound?


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