Is There Anything Better than Homemade Quilts?

December 4th, 2010 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday, Life

So far my mom has two grandkids…soon THREE (oh please, oh please by the time this posts… please say her baby has removed himself from her belly). In April, she will have FOUR grandkids.

She has maybe made a huge mistake starting to make huge quilts for each grandchild…because now we are popping them out non-stop! 😉

She makes them for when they go into their “Big Girl” beds and this is Cameron’s that she finally got (we will ignore the fact that she has been in a big girl bed for almost 18 months now…my mom is a busy lady!) to match her room.

Check it out:

Check out the beautiful detailing:

Now when you get a new quilt on your bed there is something you must do! Although, you don’t do this when you are a grown woman at a nice hotel and end up breaking the bed…I have no idea who would have done that this year…definitely not me.

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