Iron Chef Birthday Dinner

July 16th, 2012 in About Me

For my Dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday!) we planned an Iron Chef Dinner. The overall secret ingredient was POTATO. The two teams competing for the best appetizer dish also had to include jalapeno. The two teams competing for the best dessert dish had to also include chocolate. Then everyone brought a bottle of their homemade BBQ sauce and during the main meal we dipped our BBQ-ed goodness into the dips so decide who was the winner. The birthday boy got to pick the theme–American BBQ.

It was a fun night with a few disasters and I think I might be on the verge of being dis-invited to family functions because I am one worn out grumpy pregnant monster. But hopefully my Dad had a fun birthday celebration:

The Dishes:

Stuffed cheesy pepper with jalapeno

Jalapeno poppers with cream cheese jalapeno dip & fries with ground up jalapenos on them

Donuts made with mashed potato

Chocolate covered potato chip caramel ice cream

The Overall Winners (they won the appetizer round and also the BBQ sauce round which made them the overall champs):

But dang that salted caramel, chocolate dipped potato chip ice cream my other sister and brother-in-law was….AMAZING.

Tyler & I who pride ourselves on our fabulous cooking…were completely off our game. One day we shall have a repeat so we can claim the Iron-Chef-Teddy-Bear-Hairspray- Can trophy!

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