instagram pictures & blog break

July 20th, 2012 in About Me

I love instagram, pictures of our everyday life:

Beautiful sleeping baby girl.
First ponytails
Putting on socks to slip around on the tile in the house. “Jet skiing” is what they call it.
FANS. FANS for me.
Watching movies from back in the day. IMPOSSIBLE!
That cooking with kids sometimes ends in this.
Farmers Market Goodies
I don’t think I feel like blogging too much until the baby comes. The last day I can be pregnant (they promise me–I should make them pinkie promise) is September 7th. Usually it takes me a few days to throw something up but lets all hope you hear from me and I can introduce my baby girl #4 to you by the second week in September. 

Hope you all have a wonderful summer. Maybe I’ll do an “End of Summer” post right before then. Who knows, but my blogging brain is dead right now.

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