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June 7th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

I really love instagram, love photos of everyday life, here are a few from the past couple of weeks:


Finally bit the bullet and signed up for swim lessons, the girls love them, I really dislike sitting in that muggy place.


My FHE of planning a family mission statement FAILED. No one listened, Tyler fell asleep, and I sat on the blanket and moped like a 5 year old.

Abby’s FHE that was wonderful, she thought up every single aspect, made up outlines, planned everything to a T.
Going to see Cinderella at The Children’s Theatre with mi madre and two oldest.
That little girl, I wuv her, yes I do.

See you guys in a few weeks, we have a trip coming up, dance recitals, having a huge yard sale to sell almost everything we own…oh you know just STUFF.

P.S. If you live near the Herriman/Riverton/Draper/South Jordan/etc. area and want to hit up a huge yard sale, email me. Adorable girls clothes (if I do say so myself) from newborn to size 5T, toys for ages baby to age 7, tons of womens clothes (and nice ones from gap, nordstrom, when I was a bit thinner and dressed really nice) in sizes 10/12, L. All my holiday decor stuff, bookcases, cribs, tons of frames, etc. Can’t think of a whole list at the moment….really everything I own and it is priced to sell and sell fast!! No high prices at all at this yard sale, everything very very cheap. Email me at inevergrewup at gmail dot com and I can tell you when and give you an address. 

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