Instagram Friend Cupcake Wars

August 9th, 2013 in Parties

Evonne and I thought it would be fun to get some of our mutual Instagram friends together and do a Cupcake Wars. I could only handle so many people in my house so we didn’t get to invite EVERYONE we would have wished to.

Here is how we did it, it was a fun activity, I would do it again. Well I would do it again and get a sitter for my babies, they screamed the whole flippin’ time.

We told them the “theme” ahead of time instead of a secret ingredient. You could do it either way, we thought with a theme they could be more creative. Ours was a “camping theme” anything from Smores to a foil dinner to a dutch oven cobbler. We asked everyone to bring two dozen cupcakes, all complete but six. So we could frost, decorate, have some “action” in front of the judges while putting together the plain six cupcakes.

Our three judges were sweet and hilarious. They thought of the BEST one liners just like on the TV show, they made it really fun. I did ask ahead of time which flavors they despised and warned everyone of that. I gave them clipboards with the team names on them, what the rounds were, what they were judging on. To try and help keep it organized.

Big thank you to Stephanie, Kristina, and Gina for being our hilarious judges. 




(This is how I had it set up in the house, everyone had their own little table with the judge seats in the front) 

After the kids colored their tables and came up with their “team names” we dived right in. Round One was just taste. So they gave the judges their cupcake just simply frosted, not decorated. I had them stand in front of the judges and explain it just like in the show. After each round the judges delivered their lines, hilarious. Then they were presented another cupcake but fully decorated. They used this cupcake to judge Round Two which was appearance and Round Three which is how well they utilized the theme.

The Teams: Cathy, Evonne, myself, Emily (sorry Em, your daughter must have been moving!), and Jamie

Our Cupcakes: Evonne (cannot remember what flavor!), Cathy was Smores, Emily was peach cobbler, Jamie was the winner and it was chocolate with a toasted marshmallow inside. Mine was…

A dutch oven style Black Forrest Cake with airhead flames, on a fire plate, and a sprinkler in the middle!

It worked pretty well. I would say if you are hosting, don’t also participate. And maybe have the person that is the loudest and that people actually listen to be the spokesperson. I am too quiet to have anyone pay attention to me.

But it was so much fun, that is what is most important. Such a fun day!

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