Inspiration through Photographs

February 12th, 2010 in Beauty in Everyday, Life

I gain a lot of inspiration in photographs.  They help me to remember that it is the “Everyday Things” that make life really beautiful.

I am sure you have all heard of this book, A Year of Mornings.  I have owned it since it came out. Two bloggers, 3191 miles apart, decided to each put a picture on their new blog every morning. It was so popular they published it into a book! It sits by my favorite place to relax and I flip through it quite a bit. I love the beautiful simple pictures in it; braiding a daughter’s hair, jumping in a puddle, a bowl of soggy cereal.

Nie has a new “side project” this year- her new blog, Nie and You, where she and a cute woman in Germany each post a picture of day. Have you been following along? I have. Love that woman.

Brittany over at Whatever & Stuff also starting doing this on her Flickr Account.  She is a mother of 5 and has twins that just turned one. She started her 365 Project when they were 6 months old.  It has been fun to watch her cute little babies grow.

This is why I love doing my weekly “Things I Loved This Week.” It helps me to realize how blessed we are each week.

Do you know of any other things like this on the web?

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