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December 2nd, 2009 in sponsors

Sure, you know this beautiful woman as RAW MELISSA (and the maker of the most delectable vegan macaroons known to man), but did you know she is also known as DOULA MELISSA?

Yes, Melissa is a certified doula and has worked with hundreds of pregnant and birthing women and their partners. She is all about making the birthing experience a beautiful one, in any way you choose to give birth.

“Birth is a beautiful and powerful event in every woman’s life, no matter how she chooses to do it. My goal is to support “my moms” in every way I can, even if I wouldn’t necessarily make the same choices, because women are smart and intuitive and they know what’s best for themselves and their babes.”-Melissa

Don’t you just love that? I have met her quite a few times and she is really beautiful inside and out.  She cares so much about everyone.

To read more about what her doula services entail, to contact her for a price (which by the way is very affordable) or to learn more about her please visit Doula Melissa.

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