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December 2nd, 2009 in sponsors

I wanted to attract some more attention to two of my wonderful sponsors over on my left sidebar. Don’t worry. I’ll make these features short and fun!

If you are in Utah and already love Yoga, or have been wanting to try but are a bit nervous,you need to head on over to Bodhi Yogi in Provo. Syl and her other instructors are genuinely very nice, welcoming and have such experience in their industry. The SassyScoops had a wonderful time trying out the Yoga Studio.  If you want more details on how it was click here. I drive 40 minutes to attend Yoga Classes at Bodhi Yogi.  That should tell you something! Just wonderful.

But if you don’t live in Utah OR if getting away for a yoga class is really almost impossible in your schedule, then this next part should be really exciting.

How would you like to sit down at your computer, log-in into a site, type in how you feel that day and have a customized yoga routine within seconds? You could use it to calm you down after a hard day with the kids, to give you more energy or to help you through the winter months when you might feel a little blue. And you’ll have the different poses explained to you so you can actually do them at home! You could even download a whole class to do right at home!

I know I am excited for this.  Here are all the details below:

Bodhi Yoga e-Center On-line Class membership!

We are so pleased to offer the Bodhi Yoga™ e-Center for you as of January 2010!

The first 100 members will receive a special
LIFETIME Membership rate of just $7.95-per month!

Reserve your membership now for free, and your monthly auto-debits will begin in January.

In January you will start out with over 30 online video classes.  New classes will be added every month until  you will soon have over one hundred to choose from.  

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