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March 6th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday


Baby Doll is turning 1…gulp…next month. I had not realized this until my sister in law mentioned it to me. Here we go with some silly facts:

  • Some days I don’t think Shae even notices me, she is enthralled with her sisters. Since Abby and Cameron are only 16 months apart I didn’t really see that much sister interaction till they were older. This is the first time I have really watched big sisters and a new baby sister fall madly in love with each other.
  • Shae looks beautiful in bright colors. But most days she spends entirley in her pajamas, what can I say, she is #3.
  • I miss her sometimes after she goes to sleep so before Tyler and I fall asleep I sneak her into our bed so she can coo and look at us with her dreamy eyes.
  • She has been so uninterested in nursing since she was a newbie. Now she only nurses once a day and for less than 2 minutes. She adores food, all kinds expect for berries and yogurt.
  • Her lovie, bunny, is magical. If she is having a rough time (usually right at 5pm) I just get bunny out of the crib, hand it to her and she calms right down.
  • She is the happiest, sweetest, easiest baby I have ever had. She is an angel.
  • Shae is small but developing fine, she spends most her day army crawling around the house investigating.
  • When we are anywhere but home she likes to stick just with Mama, poor aunts and grandmothers, she will get there and love you one day too!

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