August 7th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

Hands down, one of my favorite things as a mother is watching my daughters’ imaginations blossom. When they get old enough that you find them in their room putting on a play, in the kitchen creating a world-class recipe or overhearing them telling a made-up story to their siblings, it is the best part of motherhood (so far).

Sometimes moms and dads and kids get stuck in a rut. It is hot outside, we are grumpy and don’t want anyone trying to make us think. We just want to lie in the cool air conditioning and doze off. But that doesn’t last long and then the pleas for entertainment start and that’s when we whip out this book.


Could You? Would You? by Trudy White

We have never read through the entire book. We actually have not read more than two pages in a row. Why? Because it is the Imagination Starter Book. Yesterday I read, “What do you think you will do as a grownup? How will you grow up to be a grownup one day?”

And off she went, cutting, gluing, informing me of what should be written on each page.


Just so you know:

Grownups grow up by finding a magical box with new friends they only make at the beach…

They eat “tomato eaters” all day…

And can always turn back into little kids whenever they want…

Exact excerpt from my child’s mouth on page 6:

“Olivia liked to play with her husband in ‘Mary Shoes’ but her husband liked to do other things.”

Hmmm…sounds like quite an interesting plot line for a movie, soap opera or Spanish soap opera. Either way she is three and it cracked me up.

Get this book and let your children’s imaginations go…

on their own.

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