Identical Sets

September 24th, 2013 in About Me

A lot of my life is Déjà vu because my two “sets” of girls look a lot alike. I’ll go to the same places that I took my first two girls when they were little but with my youngest two. And the whole time I will think, I’VE DONE THIS BEFORE! If I happen to put them in their older sister’s clothing it is even more of a flashback. A couple of Sundays ago I put them in some hand me downs and knew I had seen this before.

Isn’t is just crazy?

First set:

 photo 002-11.jpg

Second set:

More proof that my life is continuously Déjà vu:

Abby at 2 (above), Shae at 2 (below)



Cameron (above), Reagan (below)

Ok maybe not IDENTICAL, but pretty similar though, right?

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