I went camping and…liked it?

July 3rd, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday, Nature

I went camping and kinda liked it.

Let me clarify: it was one night, I did no work or preparation, and it was in the Redwoods.

So really, I think I really set myself up for success with this one. Visiting the Redwoods has been on my list for awhile so when my brother-in-law asked if we wanted to go camping I said yes and wondered if we could go there.

I had thrown out my back one day before leaving for our California trip and was in an extreme amount of pain. I thought about canceling going camping and heading down to the beach so I could go into the doctors to get some relief. Not to mention my poor husband was unbelievably sick but thankfully starting to get just a bit better. But my kids, specifically Abby, had been so excited for this. And I know my brother-in-law had put in a lot of work preparing everything. So I couldn’t do it! I am very glad we went but I did stay in the camping chair most of the time–I felt pretty useless and pathetic.

It was such fun watching the girls have so much fun. Cameron played for hours and hours with her little cousin. The poor kid just had to give in and get used to the fact that Cameron was going to try to hold his hand the hold time, give him hugs and kisses every five minutes, and TALK TALK TALK.

Abby has a cousin that is around 18 months older than her and I know it is just a dream that she got to play with her for days on end. They opened up a “restaurant” when the campfire went up and cooked the grossest menu they could think of. All the pinecones were dead rats and it kept them entertained for hours.

I didn’t make it on too many hikes with my back, I bet everyone, especially my older nieces and nephews would have loved to go on more and a bit more advanced ones. They were so patient and understanding with having to hang out with a bunch of little kids and a sick aunt and uncle. I have such wonderful nieces and nephews–I wish we lived closer to them.

Everyone took a turn pushing Shae around the campsite because I couldn’t…I could barely move!

Remember Crash? Our third dog? Well last year on our way out to California we took him to live with Tyler’s brother (the sweet family in all of these pictures). My brother-in-law wanted (and kinda needed) a good guard dog, he didn’t ask for Crash of course, but we decided to give him to their family. We have missed him a lot but it was so wonderful to see how happy he is with their sweet family.

Such a wonderful camping trip, the Redwoods are beautiful, I felt so good inside being in all of those trees.

And most importantly, all the kiddos had a blast:

I adore being an aunt. And watching my kids with THEIR aunts and uncles is one of my most favorite things on this Earth.

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