I Want to Live in Logan

October 29th, 2010 in About Me

Logan is a city two hours north of me where my sister lives.

I love it there.

I want to live there.

Although, it would never work.  For my husband’s business we need to be by big, big cities.

But I just feel SO good when I cross through that canyon and see Logan. I love the downtown, the beautiful old homes, the canyons…just the FEEL of it.

So I think I must just go up and visit more.

Our last trip to Logan was short and sweet and wonderful.

Every year they have a “Pumpkin Walk.”  This year the theme was animation and, boy, was it amazing…this is A Bug’s Life.  Yep, everything is made with PUMPKINS.

Oh boy, the canyons are beautiful…have I already said that?

We also went to a farm where we let baby goats lick our hands all they wanted.  We mooed with cows and pet beautiful horses.

Oh, and Firehouse Pizza, I love you.  Come to Salt Lake and make this pregnant lady happy.

*Sigh* Logan I love you and wish I could live with you.


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