I Love You Note Tree

January 15th, 2010 in Crafts

Yes, I am posting a Valentine’s Day Activity 30 days before Valentine’s Day.  It’s ok to do that because it is a countdown tree.

Every day, we pick a heart from the tree and do something nice for the person whose name is on the heart.   It could be a plate of cookies or just a quick email or a note in the mail.


Any sort of tree

Heart Foam Stickers

White Ribbon

Red Heart Garland


1. Decorate your tree with your choice of Valentine’s Day garland.

2. Cut ribbon to your desired length.

3. Attach the white string to the backside of the sticker heart.

4. Writes names of those you love on the backside of each heart.

5. Hang your hearts onto your tree.

6. After you have completed something nice for the person, find a matching sticker heart and “close” the heart by placing the sticker sides together.

7. Sit back and realize how lucky you are to have so many people who love you and feel good that you have made each of them smile for the past 30 days.


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