I Know Giant Lizards Are True

February 27th, 2012 in About Me

Last week for FHE Tyler taught the girls how to give a testimony, and then we had them practice. Cameron stood proudly, looking straight out, standing still like we had taught her, and proclaimed:

“I know giant lizards are true,” with all the conviction she could muster.

She then proudly walked back to the couch and sat down as if she had stated the most normal thing in the world.

Today she was to give a talk in Primary. The last time she gave a talk, it ended in a sobbing fit that led to her not wanting to go to Primary for almost a month. So I tried to prepare her by telling her Daddy would help and she could pick what she wanted to talk about. I asked her, “What do you want to talk about in church to the kids?” and was about to list a few examples to get her mind going when she said in a loud voice:

“You know, there is something I have been meaning to say to the kids.”

“What?” I asked, waiting for all of my efforts as a mother in teaching her about the gospel to finally make me swell with pride by this really beautiful answer she was about to give.

“That I know giant lizards are true,” she once again proudly said with all the conviction in the world.

How in the world was I supposed to work with that? How was I supposed to make that into a talk in any way? So I told her that she could draw pictures about things in the world she was thankful for and that giant lizards could, in fact, be one of those things. So she drew pictures of giant lizards, people climbing up the temple, a turkey dinner, Yo Gabba Gabba, a high chair, cupcakes and bunnies eating lettuce.

Then Tyler helped that little girl get up in front of Primary to give her talk. He whispered in her ear what she should say in the beginning, but when it was time for her to hold up the pictures and talk about them she took over the talk. Pressing her mouth right on the microphone and talking as loud as she could in her high squeaky voice, she said:

“These are flowers, these are people climbing up the temple, this is a high chair, these are birds in the sky…”

Her enthusiasm was contagious, her smile was large, her little voice was talking as fast as it could to explain everything. Tyler tried to reign her in and I — who was conducting Primary — tried in vain to pull the microphone a bit back. Both our faces turned bright red and we kept out laughter in as best as we could.

But man oh man, she knew these things were true and she said them all. And let me tell you — those kids listened to her talk and could understand every word! We were proud of our little Poki but…

she did forget to mention the giant lizards.

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