I Got Dumped on Facebook 6 Times Last Week

January 31st, 2011 in About Me

Today I am taking a break from a Monday Maven to tell you about something I spent way too many minutes last week worrying about. It sent my 27 year old self back to being a 12 year old.

I got dumped on Facebook 6 times last week.

I have been dumped before. By “dumped,” I mean unfriended by old grade school friends, old co-workers or anyone without any message of explanation.

I like Facebook. Do I waste time on Facebook? Why, yes. But listen. Facebook is like my “chatting on the phone” because I really don’t enjoy the phone. If I feel like I am wasting too much time on it I take a week or a month break from it. Or guess what? It’s just my thing where I like to waste time. It relaxes me. It’s fun. Since I have little kids to take care of, it’s nice to get some interaction one or two times a day. I still go see friends all the time and spend a lot of time with my family. So hey, IT’S MY THING WHERE I WASTE A BIT OF TIME. Before you get too much on your high horse…we are all entitled to that….and I bet you have your thing too.

My husband and I have talked about this because I will (like a 12 year old girl) tell him our old bishop just un-friended me! Or remember our next door neighbor who I had over for playdates every week? She just un-friended me! I think we both agree it’s rude. In a way it is basically saying, “Hey, I don’t want to keep in contact with you and couldn’t care less what’s happening in Vanessa land.”

It very well could be that I update too often, complain about my pregnancy WAY too much, get tagged in too many “blog posts” or “features,” or maybe upload pictures too much.

Or as my husband would say…”It’s not always about YOU, VANESSA.” Maybe they only want Facebook for direct family or maybe they can’t even remember who I am and it’s nothing against me. Oh, what can I say? I guess that is one reason I blog…I think everything revolves around me in a way.

So back to last week. I got dumped by my grandpa (I really like to think that one was an accident), my old bishop (really, should bishops be allowed to do that?), and three friends I met through blogging. I have met all three of them in real life and have done many playdates with one. Lastly, an old neighbor dumped me. Our girls were great friends. I ran into her at the store, was so excited to see her and late that night hopped on to Facebook to tell her it was nice to catch up…only to find that she had un-friended me.

But holy crap, why do I CARE so much…well maybe not so much, but why do I care or even notice? Why am I all of the sudden 12 again when this happens? Can I blame this on winter cabin fever and being hugely pregnant?

Really, I promise I have a real life and that Facebook is just a fun thing on the side.

So completely disagree with me, tell me how annoying YOU find Facebook and would never sign up, or how you would feel like a hurt 12 year old girl if this happened to you.

I want to hear it! Let’s talk Facebook “Dumping”.

P.S. I do want to note that for two of the dumpers, they were wanting to downsize their Facebook list to very personal close friends or family. It’s completely understandable, but still let’s discuss this  Facebook Dumping business.


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