How the girls document their time here…

February 19th, 2013 in About Me, teaching

All my girls have their own blogs. They haven’t been updated for 7 months but they are there. I read some article years ago where they mentioned that is probably a good idea to buy your child’s “url.” Meaning their full name .com so if they ever need it for personal or business use, you have it saved for them. I did that and also turned them into blogs. In the past I have had the girls just tell me what they want to say and I type it out verbatim. But I need them to start typing it themselves. So we have been working for a couple of months on learning to type. So hopefully soon they can write blog posts entirely on their own.

Every 3/4 weeks or so I have the girls do a video. I help them write notes in picture form on a piece of paper so they remember what they wanted to say. Then I just press record on the camera and leave them to it. I want them to say whatever they feel and not have me breathing down their necks. So I will leave the house or the room or leave them outside to have some space.

Lastly, I set them up with a private instagram account. Most of their pictures are them looking up their noses. Or bugging poor Rocco and Honey during a nap. Other pictures include Shae screaming, pictures of the TV, and dead critters they have collected. All the pictures make me smile, even the dozens of them looking up their cute little noses. But there have been some I absolutely love:

Daddy finally caught her a gecko!

Title: Palm Tree Hat

RIP Froggie


Friends (Abby & Angie’s hands)

One of their creations. To keep them busy and playing outside I ask them to make “salads, sushis, and smoothies” out of leaves and plants.


Snapshots of myself where I look like a nice mom. Because sometimes I can be.


I mean at LEAST….55% of the time? Right kids?

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