How Do You Make Friends as a Grown Woman?

January 6th, 2012 in About Me

I fibbed a bit in my *ahem* lazy 2011 recap post. I actually do have quite a large goal for 2012, and next week I have a handful of wonderful women helping me out with my quest.

From my “advanced screening” of their posts, I already know I will owe them a lifetime worth of thanks. This is something I have had a hard time with since we started moving around when I was 12 years old — so for 16 years now. And along with surfing, this is something I have really wanted. By the time I turn 30 I want to…


Learn to Make Friends as a Grown Woman


I am one who should really, really know how to do something basic like this! Someone who, after moving so much as a teenager and in my 20s, should really have it down pat! But I do not! I still remember the one day after school when my mom came to pick me up at yet another new high school and I just lay down in the back and sobbed. I told my mother all I really wanted was some… friends.

Honestly you guys… I really am not so good at it. I will get so down about it and feeling sorry for myself that I won’t notice the sweet people around me reaching out and *trying* to be my friend. Then I will get over myself and get back to work reaching out to people, but I think my approach has just been terribly wrong for years. I have a very hard time with simple things like how to make a good first impression, how to put myself out there and how to develop relationships past the acquaintance phase. I have a lot of friendly acquaintances, but I am on a mission to learn how to reach out, make, develop and even take advantage of those trying to become friends with me.

I don’t have cousins my age, don’t have friends from high school days (I went to four different high schools), no college friends (got married at 19 and moved back east with my husband), no newly married friends — and other than a couple of wonderful women, I don’t have many deep friendships from the blogging world. I am working on neighborhood and church friends, and am excited to report already that I am already making some sweet friends in those two groups. Also, I do have to note — thank goodness for my mom and sisters (wish my sisters lived close though!). Don’t want to get in trouble with anyone.

You know though, I have felt proud at my attitude for the past couple of weeks with this. No need to feel like a failure or feel sorry for myself. I am just ready to get to work and already have been.

So like I was saying, I have asked just a handful of women that have a wonderful way with words to share with us (let’s be honest, mainly me) how to…




Please, please stay tuned and participate in the comments. I would love to hear from many of you!


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