How Are You Feeling?

October 22nd, 2010 in About Me

Are you familiar with those really genuinely nice questions people ask you that…and it’s really not their fault…that become the frustrating questions like…

Is the baby here yet?
How much longer till you get married?
Are you EXCITED?
How is to be a MOM? (you know, after your first baby)

Oh, and I ask these questions too!  The other day I asked a lady at church (who was set for a c-section the next day) when her baby was coming and I think she almost smacked me.  LOVINGLY, of course.

So How Am I Feeling?

Tired, very worn out, hurting.  I’m continuing to lose weight (my belly is actually shrinking) and being very lazy so I don’t get contractions. I am wondering if I am full of cysts like last time (which made it very painful when the baby got big and started moving) that can easily be removed after I give birth.

Cooking for my family is very hard but after a month of just horrible, already prepared food, I am back to cooking this week. My girls watch more TV than I would like.  I don’t do as many fun things with the girls or on my own that I would like to be doing.  It is very hard on my husband and those really close to me. Because lots of the time, I am quite miserable to be around. And then I get a hold of myself and do better for a while.

But you know? I get a baby. I can feel the baby move now and in November I will find out what the sweet thing is…boy or girl.

Do you have a guess? Boy or Girl?

Let’s just talk about that for now.


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