Honey Bunny

October 20th, 2009 in family

I went to a blogger event a couple of weeks ago and sat next to some ladies who didn’t have any kids, so we got talking about our PETS that we just adore. I have to be honest- it was a bit refreshing to talk about animals instead of the same old children chit chat.

It got me thinking- my FIRST baby, our Honey Bunny sure has gone unappreciated since I had children. So for the past few nights, our Honey Bunny has been sleeping at the end of the bed where she used to go before I had babies. I have been patting her head more while I pass by and giving her a good morning hug like I did back in the day. I was feeling very bad for neglecting my poor doggie!

That was until I realized that for the past few mornings this dog has taken away my favorite part of the day-when I open my daughter’s doors and they rush to me for the BIGGEST hug. For the past few days my daughters have actually been pushing me OUT of the way to run to our Honey Bunny for their good morning hug.

So now Honey Bunny, I don’t feel so bad.  You are ADORING this stolen attention and you deserve it.

Such a perfect doggie.

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