Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

April 29th, 2010 in Crafts

So this is something I would NOT do every single time we ran out of sidewalk chalk BUT it was a really fun–very hard to mess up–the kids loved it craft.

This “recipe” makes two large sidewalk chalks.


1 c warm water

2 c Plaster of Paris

Powdered Tempura Paint (I love this stuff it really is worth buying)

Toilet Paper Tube OR Paper Towel Tube cut in half

Plastic Wrap

Rubber Bands

Parchment Paper


1. Pour the warm water into a bowl and sprinkle the Plaster of Paris slowly, in batches, mixing well to let it dissolve.

2. Mix in Tempura Paint (2 T. or until it’s the color you would like)

3. Cover one end of the tube with plastic wrap and then wrap an elastic around it to keep it in place.

4. Then roll up parchment paper and slide it into the tube.

5. Pour the Plaster mixture into the tube.

6. After it sits and hardens for about a day, carefully unwrap all of the paper & plastic and have fun!


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