Home by Alex T. Smith

July 21st, 2011 in Books/Reading, Children's Books

There is still time to sign up for your local library’s summer reading program! For this whole week I’ll share some of our most recent pretty awesome book finds.

In Home by Alex. T Smith. There are four friends who live in the same house and have a nice life together until they get in an argument about the most cool place to live. One of them wants to live with pirates, another one wants to live in the caves and another wants to live in the big city. So they each take a piece of the house and leave!

At first they have a bit of fun living out what they think is their dream. But alas, after awhile, they begin to feel lonely and realize their house isn’t a home if it only has the walls or windows or floor. After awhile they all come back together, apologize and put the house back together. But this time they add things from each of their dreams and put the house on wheels so they can live out each other’s dreams together.

Isn’t that a great message? Three cheers for Home by Alex T. Smith.


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