Holiday Street Dinner

December 31st, 2015 in Parties

I have a lot of guilt that I am not the most involved neighbor or friend. We moved to a new part of the neighborhood and I feel like I haven’t got to know anyone over here. We are gone every single afternoon that everyone is home. I can’t do birthday lunches with them or really anything. I always feel bad. So I wanted to invite my new neighbors over for a holiday dinner.


I also had no time to make anyone a holiday dinner. So I did the catering from Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, I realized for the second time I do not love their catering. I made up for it by buying pastries from Gourmandise. And making yummy mocktails although I think that I live next to a bunch of very healthy women. So I don’t know if they normally drink sugary drinks.

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I had everyone bring a gift with their favorite holiday item wrapped up in it. We played a game and based on how well you did you got to pick a gift first or last. Then we opened them and the person shared why that was one of their favorite things.

I’m trying to remember what game I did…I think I had everyone write on an index card the answers to these questions:

What is the laziest thing you do?
Where is the furthest you have traveled?
What states have you lived in?
What do you eat when you are stressed?

Eh I think some of those are wrong and I’m missing some, oh well.

They didn’t put their names on them, I mixed them up in a bowl, and everyone took the same number out. Then we went around and everyone had to guess on the cards they had, who they thought had wrote that.

It was fun, I wish I could see all these ladies more!




One Response to “Holiday Street Dinner”

  • Katy Bee
    December 31st, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Vanessa, you always have the best invites! Where do you get them from?