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November 17th, 2011 in About Me, Saturday: Shopping!

We leave for our trip to Costa Rica soon, and I need to have Christmas done before we leave. I realized this a couple of days ago, so I went on an online shopping spree. I love online shopping for birthdays & holidays. My sisters try to talk me into Black Friday, coupons and sales ads, but… it just gives me a headache thinking about it. I much more prefer a quick CLICK on the computer from trusted shops I love online.

May I suggest….

#1 Imagine Childhood: Animal Tracking Kits, Seashore Exploration Kit, Fairy Gardens, Handmade Wood Building Blocks, Paper Making Kits and… for the girls’ biggest present from Santa… an Insect Hotel with nets to catch the bugs, tins to store them in, magnifying glasses to check them out with and books to help classify them.


#2 Stubby Pencil Studio: Every year the girls get some new art supplies from this eco line of toys & supplies. I always get them notebooks, pencils, markers, paint, etc. But this year I was excited to see and buy some adorable erasers, fun bubble wand kits and felt bug kits. (Can you tell my girls really like to receive “kits”?)

#3 The Land of Nod: I usually throw this catalog right into the recycling bin like a good girl, because it is dangerous if it comes into my home. This year I got my baby some beautiful wooden toys & I found fun things like mini telescopes and mustache sets for the girls.

#4 UnCommon Goods: This is where I get a lot of gifts for my husband, parents, grandparents, etc. (I also love Red Envelope). If I post anything I bought, people will see… so I will just let you browse on your own.

#5 Etsy: Usually I buy more from Etsy, but this year I only got one thing — Shae’s main gift. Isn’t this doll beautiful? I hope she loves her as much as I do when I saw it. It is from the vendor Viola Studio.

#6 Olive & Cocoa: For client gifts or for our grandparents, we like to send nice gift baskets. Things taste and look top notch, and are a bit more modern. Olive & Cocoa is a beautiful place to get flowers, gift baskets, etc. And I was excited to see that my favorite jam in the whole wide world (Anne Made) is now in their gift boxes!

#7 Lastly we get gift certificates to restaurants for teachers, close friends & siblings. From LOCAL restaurants. Show them your support during the holiday season. They need it!!

Phew so glad to be done. Now I can go on vacation and just ENJOY myself!

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