Holiday Performances

January 1st, 2016 in About Me

You could celebrate Christmas with only attending your kids’ holiday performances and have a very full season. I do wish we could appoint another month as kid performance month so we could all enjoy it a bit more. How is February for everyone? Get us out of the winter blues?


Abby & Cameron have been taking piano lessons for eleven months in total now. We switched to a new studio and she put on such a beautiful recital. Abby was so embarrassed that she had to pick up her book. But I told her she did it so calmly and tried to hard that is still was great. Cameron is just the funniest little create. She can get so nervous for things but then its like this on and off switch in her body. If she switched it to on and just does it she is calm, PERFECT, and strong about it. If she keeps the switch to off she is very nervous and things don’t go so well. But it’s either on or off, no in-between!! And no leading up to it or doing things to help her. I just have to PUSH HER AND WALK AWAY. Man sometimes I wish I could help her more but it is just not how she works. I remember last year I picked her up, put her in a dance class, gave her one wave, and walked away. She stood there crying alone for a while with another mom looking at her so worried. But then she flipped the switch and decided to be brave. If I had stayed there, waved to her through the window, gave her encouraging words, it would not have helped. SO I was so proud of her when she did her piano recital so perfectly.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.37.51 PM

Abby’s Piano Video here

Cameron’s Piano Video here

Dance Team

Abby & Cameron are in a dance team called PEEPS. They have a piece they learn in the Fall to perform at 4 or 5 different things in the Winter. It was fun to go where they performed because then we could enjoy the arena as well. Dickens Festival (ok honestly that one isn’t my favorite expo), Festival of Trees (this is a beautiful thing to go to), a retirement home, and a high school holiday performance.

This semester of their dance team classes did a jazz piece. Cameron adores jazz and her spunkiness matches with it quite well. Abby really likes jazz but I think her body and energy level match perfectly with ballet.

They work so hard AND have a blast, going to PEEPS is always a happy thing.

Abby’s dance video here

Cameron’s dance video here

cameroncmasdanceoutfit abbydancecmasoutfit

peepspicture peepspicture2

Preschool Christmas Program


Shae & Reagan go to a wonderful preschool that is at their dance studio. I’ve been so impressed. I wish Shae could just stay another few years and not go to grade school levels. It is just the most perfect and magical place filled with a lot of ladies who love the kids.

Preschool video here

In Class Demonstrations

shaeinclass shaeandreaganinclass reaganinclass

I had a total of 20 in class demonstrations to go to, where the girls show off what they have learned so far in their classes. Sometimes they have a little christmas dance they have been working on. I forgot to go to 2, couldn’t make it to 6, and made it to 12. I give myself a C. Only because I had an inflamed face covered in inflamed sores and still went to see my girls. People are weird in their staring, and by people I mean adults. Abby had two with her assistant teaching classes to go to. Some of the kids came up to her and gave her a big hug and gave her gifts. IT MADE HER YEAR! And to hear her refered to as Miss Abby is really just the cutest thing ever.

A lot of videos are hosted on my vimeo account of their demos here

Church Choir

Abby & Cameron were part of a children’s choir, youth choir, and adult choir for the ward Christmas program. They went to extra practices and I caught them singing the songs at home. We have the most beautifully talented musicians in our ward so it was a beautiful program. And the girls sounded so wonderful!


See that is a crazy amount of things. Very very full December!!

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  • Rebecca
    January 2nd, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    20 demonstrations? Holy goodness. That’s a lot. And how hard to have to walk away from Cameron. I think that’s a really hard part of parenting — knowing when to walk away and let them figure things out… And also dealing with other people watching you walk away. It’s good you do what is right for her.