Holiday Outings & “In-ings”

December 19th, 2011 in About Me

I seem to have come back from our trip and landed myself in a big “funk,” and I am trying ever so hard to beat it. I’m trying to keep busy by doing some anonymous service for people in our neighborhood who need some extra love. Usually doing things like that helps catapult me out of any winter funk I may be in, but this time it doesn’t seem to be working. But I am not going to let it take over the holidays, so I have been trying to keep busy with fun outings, projects and being together as a family.


It made me smile that a friend is expecting baby #3. She is hoping for a girl...
So I dropped off 11 pink balloons with "THINK PINK" written on them,
and then 1 balloon that said, "Although you do make adorable boys!"

We decorated the Christmas tree. This is the first year Tyler has
asked if we could put up decorations; I had waited that long!

We headed downtown as a family to attend the Lower Lights Christmas concert
at SLC'S Masonic Temple. BEAUTIFUL NIGHT.

We put together the Christmas train & gingerbread houses...
We picked up sweet treats at some of our favorite bakeries around town...

We've been playing board games as a family & I introduced my kids to...BUSYTOWN
Really, you guys, this game is ADORABLE & unique.
(Thanks Allison for posting where you can buy it here)

We've been reading Christmas Books up the Wazoo

 Abby punched out the shades in her sunglasses and has been wearing
them as glasses everywhere she goes. She does look cute!
ALSO...We were invited to go attend & review Salt Lake Acting Company's
Children's Play: How I Became a Pirate in two words:
Wonderful, perfect, extraordinary, mesmerizing, fun, clean, entertaining,
laugh out loud and a wonderful time.

13.jpg nights with the hubs: every time we go out I remember
Good job picking him Vanessa!

Fun things huh? Just wish I felt happier during them. I’ll feel better soon. I’m going to add more temple time, yoga classes, date nights and maybe a couple girls nights out (with my little girlies and also with friends). That should help, I hope!

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