Holiday Mother & Daughter Cookie Contest & Exchange

April 3rd, 2017 in About Me, Parties, Uncategorized

The girls and I have been floating around this idea of doing a holiday cookie contest for a few years. I don’t know what made us finally do it this year but it sure was fun! I learned a few new things I’d like to do next year, ways to changed it. I guess you really don’t know how to do an almost 100 attendee cookie contest unless you’ve done it before!


cookie-party-FINAL (1)

A week before the party Daybreak called to tell me that they double booked the clubhouse and that I couldn’t do my party that night. I don’t know why I was the one that decided to kick out. They even admitted that I was the first one to turn in the paperwork and payment. They must have called me on an extra sassy day because I wouldn’t let them get away with it. Then let me have the “Glass House” building which they don’t allow people to do parties in. But that way I could still get it done. It took a lot of work to put together–I didn’t want to have to cancel it!

I had four categories of cookies that a Mom & Daughter team could sign up to compete under–Spice, Sugar, Old Fashioned or Mint. For each entry¬†they had to pay a $10 fee. This went towards the prizes and also platters. At the end of the night they received a platter to keep and got to grab other teams’ cookies to take home.

When they came in they submitted their cookies on a clipboard and sat down at a table to do Mother & Daughter games. I have little white boards and games printed out for them to connect with their Moms.


I had four trees that were decorated in a theme. One tree was a Beanie Boo tree, another tree was an Art supply tree. The third one was a beauty tree and the last one was a baking supplies tree. Each winner of each CATEGORY got to go home with one of these trees.


But the GRAND WINNER, the best cookie of the night got to take home a grand prize tree. The grand prize tree had all of these things on it—art supplies, baking supplies, beauty products, and Beanie Boos.


It was such a fun night! I owe my judges BIG TIME! Abby’s two guy friends were judges, my mom, and a wonderful neighborhood friend. Look at all the cookies they had to try!



We announced the winners and they were so so excited, it was too cute.




After that we had tables go do the cookie exchange, such lucky moms & daughters! There were SO MANY great cookies!

cress grandwinnders ivyandjulie brin beccaandkids abbycookies gettingcookies


emmacookies cookieparty cookieline cookiesinline cresscookie




I think I’ll do it again! Next time I will have the judges only judge one cookie category and then bring their top two or three to have the other judges try. I will also make sure we are in the clubhouse because there is SO much more room–we were squished. Also, I will do it in November, because December is just too over booked.

Thanks everyone for coming! Check out the video to see all the delicious and beautiful cookies.


Christmas Cookie Contest 2016 from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.

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