Hi, I’m Vanessa and I’m Mormon

January 7th, 2011 in About Me


Being Mormon has sometimes just been the “norm” because I grew up in a family of all Mormons.  And now that I am living in Utah, there are quite a lot of us.

At other times it has not been normal at all, and I have been the only Mormon in my school or grade or work. Lots of times, I have been the FIRST Mormon that a group of people, an employer, a teacher, etc. have ever met. I have to be honest, this has made me feel very uneasy at times because I have been asked some really weird questions, have had some hurtful things said to me and I have a habit of freezing up and not knowing how to answer questions. And then, other times, it is fun for me to explain our way of life and what we believe to people.

I have a PROFILE now at Mormon.org where I answer questions like…

“Why I AM Mormon”

“How do I LIVE my Faith”

“Explaining some of the odd sounding terminology we use”

“How I use my religion to create (or try to create) harmony in my home”

I already love reading other Mormon’s profiles! Be sure to browse around and if you, yourself, are a member you can create your own profile at http://www.mormon.org/create

Just click on the button below or the button on my sidebar to give it a looksie:

I'm a Mormon.

And my readers can always, always ask me questions about being a Mormon. I don’t mind at all. Feel free!

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