Herriman Fire

September 20th, 2010 in About Me

My city is on fire right now.

I started off calm, driving home from my parents house thinking that the fire I saw could easily be dealt with.

But over the past 5 hours it has traveled unbelievably fast.

And I find myself sitting here, talking to Stephanie (who lives 3 minutes away), bawling my eyes out.

My city is going up in flames.

We are ok.

But pray for all my the members of my community with empty homes that have already been ROBBED. The neighbors who have lost their animals, mostly horses. Most of all, pray for those who have watched their homes be taken over with flames.

Herriman is a beautiful city.  We will rebound beautifully.  I know it.

But for now it’s heartbreaking.

You can read the news story on how ARMY MACHINE GUNS caught our city on fire here.

My neighbor posted this photo on her Facebook:


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