Help with Baby

March 9th, 2011 in About Me

Do you need any help?

Have any family around you to help with baby #3?

Those are two questions you get asked a lot before having a new baby, huh?

Well for me, I probably should say yes, yes, yes when offered help but I am fiercely independent. I don’t like to bother people and I over worry about all the reasons that the person who offered the help probably doesn’t really have time anyway. I really should fix that about myself, shouldn’t I?

My husband owns his own business and since the business is still “young” everything goes into it. The man works from whenever he wakes up (5am, 6am) until 10:30 at night. No really. His schedule is different every single day with client appointments, radio interviews, recording new videos, etc. and I have a hard time keeping up. If I am induced with this new baby, I will probably get 1-2 days of a clear schedule from him but if the baby comes when it comes I’ll be lucky for him to be able to attend the birth. That is a part of being self employed and even though I wouldn’t have it any other way, I do wish that during this time, my husband could magically call into work and use a week of sick or vacation days. When he has off hours here and there he does the cooking, plays jungle safari around the house and takes lots of trips to the library with the girls. But there is no set schedule and no way of knowing when help is available. I am sure some of you can relate with husbands in school or starting a new business.

I have two sisters, two brothers and a mom & dad who live here in Utah. One sister lives 3 hours away and comes down for quick little day trips every once in a while. The other sister is going to college in Provo and dating a boy. She is in “la la boyfriend” stage at the moment. Hey, we all were at one time! One little brother comes home from his mission at the end of this month and the other one is a senior in high school. A busy bunch, but I bet I can text them and beg them to come play with my kids, right? We’ll see if that works out.

My mom is an angel and is always a huge help. I am lucky to be able to call her whenever this baby comes and she will come get my girls. I don’t have to worry about her feeling bothered or put out or anything like that. Really, I know I know. Me? A lucky lady. And when Grandpa is home at night after his long days at work the girls will be read 1 billion books each by him. Just how they like it.

I have been buying and making freezer meals here and there and hope to have 2 weeks stored up by the time baby arrives. If not, we will be living on Papa Murphys for awhile.

I also try to give the house a very, very good deep scrub/cleaning before a new baby comes. Luckily the nesting phase makes sure that gets done. I have always had a pretty strict daily cleaning schedule that I still abide by after a baby comes so the house doesn’t get yucky.

P.S. If my mother in law lived near by she would be the best help too

P.P.S My fabulous sister in law offered to take the girls for a sleepover

What kind of help do you have or “request” from friends/family/your husband when a new baby comes into your home?

Or how do you manage it on your own?

Any tips for what YOU do to help prepare for a new baby?


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