Help Save Handmade!

December 16th, 2008 in About Me

Save Handmade Toys


Help preserve the important industry of handmade items made by Mothers in Europe, Canada and the US.

In two months all of the things we love will be OUT OF BUSINESS because of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act.

These wonderful companies are mostly who I featureon I Never Grew up and who host our wonderful giveaways. Not to mention who inspire me by their wonderful products and buying handmade is how I buy almost all of my girl’s things.


To read in more detail about this visit Cool Mom Picks and join her by finding your congress person and senators and write a letter like the sample here, particularly if they serve on the consumer protection subcommittee. Send a letter directly to the CPSC. Join the Handmade Toy Alliance and check out their proposed changes to the act which make a whole lot of sense. Spread the word to everyone you know who cares about helping the little guy, particular in today’s economy.

Please take the time to do this! We need to support each other!


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