Having Hubby Around 24/7 & GOING HOME!

August 27th, 2010 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

At first I was worried, really worried. I am used to a very, very busy husband who is rarely home. I like being in charge of everything and doing everything myself. I DO! I love that when my husband is around we just drop everything and have fun together.

All of the sudden when I had him around, giving his input on what I should give the girls or where we should go or what they should eat I was BUGGED.

How could I survive this? Then about 36 hours in…

I let go. And it felt good.

Someone else was cooking for them and playing with them and picking them up and taking them potty. Boy, it was like a drug and I could not get enough.  Sure, he wasn’t doing it how I would do it sometimes but who cared?  I needed it, he needed it and the girls needed it.

Cameron got to Panama a full blown Momma’s girl and came back a full blown Daddy’s girl. Daddy didn’t need to “rest” or “work” or “take care of dogs.”  Daddy PLAYED ALL DAY LONG and they were spoiled rotten.  And rightly so.  It was wonderful.  There were times I just sat there, yes just SAT THERE, and the requests from the kids did not go answered by me! Nice.

As we all know, family time is wonderful but at a certain point it is just time for everyone to have a day where we give each other some space. This started to happen the last day when we all just wanted to run away from each other!

The travelling home was KILLER.  We left at 4am and got home at 1am (only 1 hour time difference between here and Panama) and we all were looking pretty awesome in the Salt Lake City airport at 12:30am. I mean, we must have smelled and looked and sounded FABULOUS! All I know is when my sister pulled up to take us home I was about to cry.  Earlier, when we walked into L.A. and the man asked, “Are you a U.S. Citizen” I was so ready and proud to say YES.  And then when he said, “Welcome Home” I wanted to kiss him.

Boy, was the trip wonderful but we were ready to be HOME. Home is a wonderful place to be. And after a few days I am sure we will want to be around each other again 😉

We had a blast and that is the end of Panama updates!


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