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August 6th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

The older I get the more my fascination and excitement for the mailbox disappears. There were many times in my life where I actually went as far as hiding my parents’ mailbox key so I could be the only one to get the mail. When we had an actual mailbox I fought to the death for it to be my task to run to the street and pick up the mail.

Now the mail sits for days in our box until my husband remembers and plops it on my desk and then it sits there for another couple days until I grudgingly open it. Bills, advertisements, bills, a letter that for a second you think is a fun letter but is just a very tricky looking sales letter, oh and more bills. Oy.

(I do have to say when the UPS man comes it still is pretty exciting; you know the UPS man is ONLY bringing fun things and not something from someone asking you for money.)

When five days had gone by with the mail sitting in the box I made my way out and found a hidden gem, just the thing mailboxes were truly made for…

this book:

I promptly sat my girls down on my lap; it was hot so they softly fit their heads in between my arms as we looked at our new treasure.

Treasure is the word for this book, and my little one who embarrassingly has a better vocabulary than me announced as we turned each page, “Delightful! “Lovely!” “Fantastical!” “Amazing!” “Mesmerizing!” (Okay, so she didn’t say that one.)

My point is we already have a to-do list a mile long and most of the thirty- three projects are made with reusable and repurposed materials. I love every single one; we cannot decide what to do first but are planning to get one done tomorrow morning.

Soule Mama is the blog I aspire to, although I would have to learn how to sew better, write more beauitfully, photograph pieces that become works of art and move back to the Northeast (which I wouldn’t mind in the slighest; I am starting to get really antsy here in Utah)…well, I aspire to it in my own way.

Be sure to pick up this book and visit her blog Soule Mama.


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