Handmade Christmas

September 4th, 2009 in party time

Yes I said Christmas.  Listen, I’m sorry.  Let me explain.

Last year was primarily a handmade Christmas, and if you remember, I blogged about it every Saturday.

One thing you have to know about me- I get overwhelmed, I get bad anxiety, and when I get stressed I am not a good mama or wife.

I know that in order for me to even *think* of having another handmade Christmas, I have to start in September. We are a busy family, both self employed, and I have to take advantage of any free time I have starting NOW.

Am I forgiven? Good.

Let me go on.  So we will be making handmade gifts for grandparents, siblings we draw in the Christmas swap, and a few of them for our own.

We have a present rule in my house (thanks to Design Mom plus one of my own)

~Something to Play With

~Something to Read

~Something to Wear

~Something Pretty to Look At (<—that one is my addition)

Boy, does it make holidays more affordable, less stressful, and not overdone- let me tell you.

But I am just bursting at the seams.  I just have to show you the first project I am working on:

picture courtsey of the Living Crafts Magazine

And if you are thinking about doing a Handmade Christmas too, check out my ideas from last year AND check back at my blog as I blog about my current projects I am working up until….gulp…yes Christmas.

Grandfather Pine Cone Frames

Felt Slippers

Story Board

Gratitude Wraps

Homemade Marshmellows (used as gifts to the neighbors)

Personalized Ornaments for Presents

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