Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Storytelling Cards

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On Labor Day our family took a trip to Utah’s Children Museum Discovery Gateway.

The part that we enjoyed the most was the Writing/Storytelling/Sound Effects part of the museum.

They had these card magnets that just had different pictures of animals, actions, people, food on them that you put in a certain order while you told a story.

I thought to myself I must do this at home!

I just took old catalogs and magazines and cut out pictures I knew would spark the girl’s imaginations. I cut a poster board in squares, glued the pictures on and “contact papered it.” I have started collecting the magnet you get in the mail, on top of the phonebooks, etc. and am going to cut them up and paste them on the back. That way we can play with them anywhere!

We love them! Sometimes it is hard to come up with stories and also to teach the little ones to make up their own stories, this should help!

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