Halloween 2013

November 4th, 2013 in About Me, Parties

My name is Vanessa and I over celebrated Halloween. You know when you have done so many…too many…things leading up to the holiday that on the actual holiday you aren’t very excited? I think I overdid it in the cooking department. Why did my kids need a fun Halloween after school snack and lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY of Halloween week? They did not. Why did we need a couple of Halloween dinners? We did not.

Sometimes I go overboard and then the actual holiday doesn’t sit well with me. I learned my lesson for Halloween so I will not repeat for Christmas. Thanksgiving, thankfully, can really never be overdone. At least not in my book, you eat good food and watch a movie. The End.

We did enjoy having some neighbors over for a Halloween party, our church’s Trunk of Treat, and Halloween night with cousins. Oh! And of course our day trip to Logan to see the annual Pumpkin Walk, I’ll put that into it’s own post. Oooh and the coolest house in Daybreak during Halloween, I have to show you that too.

So the theme for our Halloween was all because of Cameron. She is still in a Harry Potter phase and is “in love” with Harry Potter. She used my phone one day to “google” (I know…ekkk! I am more careful now) if Harry Potter was married. Google told her that Harry marries Ginny (Ron’s little sister) and so the dream began! She wanted to be GINNY for Halloween. So Abby played along and was also a girl from Harry Potter. Then the two babies were their “owls.”

Halloween Party/Dinner

I wish my current house fit more, our house 10 minutes away fits way more, I miss that. So for our Halloween party we could only fit three other families in here, I wish I could have smushed in more! I put all the 11 kids’ faces on the bats in the decorations, they liked that! For food we did my two favorite soups (here and here) for the adults and a ghost and Frankenstein pizza for the kids. Trader Joe’s freezer selection provided all the desserts! For games we did Halloween bingo, this touch & feel bag game of body parts with vegetables, and another creepy feel in the bag game. Fun and simple night!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Grumpy old me did not feel like carving pumpkins! Once we dove in it was actually a fun night. I think Reagan ate a whole bag of marshmallows to keep her from screaming so I could cut all the pumpkins for the kids.

Halloween Trunk or Treat

This is the first time (I think, well seriously at least) that I decorated the car for a Trunk or Treat. I was impressed by my cleverness! We then used this set up to put out for trick or treaters:

Halloween Night

Halloween night our cousins came over to trick or treat with us. I missed out on trick or treating because I told my husband I would stay part of the time at home with Reagan. But then they came back all done! I thought I would be bummed but it was nice to stay at home and read a book. Is this what happens when you become a more experienced/older/whatever mom? You don’t need to see everything and know when to take advantage of quiet? Who knows.


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