Halloween 2012

November 1st, 2012 in About Me

I needed to wait on heading out to costa rica till the baby was a bit older. Just so I was healed, the baby wasn’t so brand new, etc. I probably could have left a few days ago but when planning our flights I really wanted to stay for Halloween. The girls love Halloween, I (well not part of today–but later on) look forward to Halloween every year. We got to see sweet cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Have a spooky dinner, crafts, games, parties, trunk or treating, trick or treating, and loads more.

Abby was Evil Ivy which mirrors a bit of a struggle we have going on lately. Not that my sweet miss is evil–but we are butting heads. Oh and she loved giving me the “evil” eye all day long and it was allowed (per her costume of course). Cameron was a Nature Fairy which went along perfectly with her high squeaky voice and how exciting she finds everything on Halloween. Also I think fairies are moody (what? in my head they can be) which mirrors her personality quirk that I sometimes have a hard time with. Shae was a butterfly aka hand me down, but really? She was looked even cuter than her sisters did in it. And sweet Reagan was stuffed into a hand me down flower costume. She looked just like her other sister did, completely squished and uncomfortable in her costume.

We have missed our Daddy so much, but having Halloween here in Utah was just a lot of fun. Now for the pictures:

Highlights of Halloween 2012: Grandma the sweet neighborhood Primary President having fun trunk or treating, Aunt Laura coming to trick or treat, Shae biffing it out of her stroller onto the ground, scaring Abby & Cameron for life making them walk up to a spooky house, Lydibug & Emma coming to visit, skyping with Mason & Sarah, and everyone fighting a cold.

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