Growing on Up, 2nd Edition

January 20th, 2015 in About Me

Cameron (like Abby last Christmas) received a card for a gift and inside the card it told her she was getting her ears pierced in 2 days. Which was such a relief to her because it was taking FOooooOooorever for her to turn 7 1/2! She did not want to wait until then so got to do it at 7 years and 3 months.

This Cameron of mine ,she just processes things in a way that is so foreign to me. If she decides she wants to do something, as soon as she decides it, she jumps right in and does it without an ounce of nervousness. Oh but it doesn’t help to push her, or talk to her, or bribe her, or anything else. That little mind of her has to decide on her own; I will do the play, I will pierce my ears, I will talk in church, I will go make that new friend across the street, I will take a new dance class. And if she decides to do it, she does it superbly and with this confidence that I cannot wrap my head around. She had a group of adults and kids laughing their heads off during her two theatre performances. When she dances on stage man her stage face and extra pizzaz she puts into her dance moves. She either says heck no and don’t ask me again and refuses to do something. If you push her to do something she fights it, her body, her heart, her emotions. She shuts down and she will not let you in on if she changed her mind and starts to like it. Or she decides on her own and KILLS IT LIKE A PRO.

Taking her to get her ears pierced was so different than taking Abby a year ago. With Cameron I did not get asked once if it was going to hurt, or how fast it was going to be, or if it would bleed, or wondering if she shouldn’t do it, or stressing about it or whining about it. NOTHING. She decided she was going to do it, she marched up to those doors feeling like the woman of the town, and did it. I did catch one teeny tiny look of nervousness and I had to snap a little picture of. But that lasted only a moment when the lady got out the piercing guns.

This love of mine, her personality is complex, it has many layers. She is creative beyond belief, she has an imagination that is wonderful. She is drawn to things that are just so puzzling and interesting. She likes to study dream decoding, reading palms, ghosts (I have to monitor that one closely), spirits, reading people’s energies. One day she came up behind me and said, “Mom stand still I am scanning a ghost that is standing right next to you.” At night she scares the daylights out of me because she just stands above me and when I wake up (with a scream) she says, “Just wanted to say I love you.” That Cameron Anne knows how to read people so she can calm them. She loves touch, from fabrics to people. This little girl of mine will love you so fiercely if she decides she wants to love you. I have to watch her closely because she will let people that she loves treat her not the best and make excuses for them. But if she decides she isn’t that into you (she turns down playdates and does not “pretend” to like people that she isn’t interested in) she won’t give you the time of day and will be very blunt with you. Oh goodness me, she tells her teachers if she hated what they did that day. If we have a new friend over that she isn’t “feeling” she will tell the kid why and ask for me not to invite them over again after they leave. We have a lot of talks on being polite. But…wow how would it be to have so much confidence to say no and spend time on only things and people you love. So I don’t want to kill that in her.

She is one that is going to love having someone to love with her whole being. She has said for two years now that she will have 10 kids, they will all be girls, and some of them will be adopted. She has strong crushes on boys that last a good 1-2 years. She has only had 3 so far but she talks about them every day. The first one was in her Nursery & Sunbeam class and during the Primary program could not stop stroking his back and arm with this grin on her face. The second one was all through kindergarten and into this year. She has many reasons for loving him, and they really are all quite perfect. Her crush is starting to change to a boy in her Primary class who she loves because, “He is very smart in church things.” This baby doll of mine loves to love. If she decides on her own that she loves you. Whoever she gives her heart to is going to be one lucky lucky person.

Thankfully everyone in our family has been chosen to be  a part of her heart and we are all lucky for that.


I love this Cameron Anne of mine, I also love that Anne as the perfect middle name for her.

cameronandclaires gettingnervous beforeafterears earspiercedcameron


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