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July 24th, 2009 in Life

I recently moved into a new home and decided to take the opportunity to “start fresh.” Now I really think about every single thing that comes into my home: its ingredients, origins…everything. I was having a hard time finding home decor that fit my family’s style and from a company I wanted to support. I received a catalog in the mail from At West End and got on the phone to learn more about their company. The products were simply stunning, unique, eclectic, inspired by nature and made from recycled products. But I wanted to know more. The owner Doug Williams took the time to help me out and I am now their biggest supporter.


dougFor over twenty years they have offered a well rounded selection of handmade products from around the world. They have searched all over so each piece in their line has a very artisan feel. Everything you buy helps the world locally and globally. The owners Doug and Susan have a “Kids Foundation” where they support, give service and are very involved in four different charities. The fund they raise help provide medical care, education, food and shelter for children in Haiti, Colombia and Honduras.

doug2I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to learn this part of their company, which they don’t push in your face. It took a bit of digging to understand how awesome they really are. For Father’s Day I bought my husband a recycled fire pit that he promptly announced was the best present he ever received from me. My office is full of furniture, magazine racks, mirrors, driftwood balls and coat racks from their catalog.

My home is now FULL of decor items from At West End, all high quality and which represent a mission I truly support and believe in.

Here are just a couple pictures of a room I have entirely made up with their product, my office:



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