Saturday:Shopping!—Beautiful Clothing made by Coral Camellia

I spent a little of my tax return on a site I found and fell in love with.

I miss my mother’s homemade clothing, she is so unbelievably busy and overwhelmed caring for my Grandma that I just don’t feel right asking her to make my girls clothes. I still have all the dresses she sewed for me as a child, they are hanging in my daughter’s closet. I like to look at them every few weeks, you can tell with every stitch, every button that is was sewn on with love and passion for what she enjoyed doing. I wish I could sew, my mother has tried to teach me many times but it usually ends with me throwing the fabric across the room, frustrated :) When I found this website (through I could tell the same type of care (my mother’s care not mine!) through her clothing.

“Every article of clothing that I make is one-of-a-kind. I may use the same fabric for multiple projects, but you won’t find 2 items the same. My sizes range from newborn to 6T . I choose the highest quality fabrics with unique designs. I like to use vintage buttons and fabrics where possible, giving each item individuality. Everything is made by me at my home.”

I was really looking forward to receiving the clothing. The care and attention to detail that she took into the package was so much fun for my daughter and I to go through. The bracelets were wrapped in a little paper butterfly purse and the dress was sent along with a pair of leggings/tights.
PhotobucketShe even took the time to include a Thank You note. Of course, my daughter was most excited when she saw a couple lollipops in the box. I started to explain to her that she couldn’t have these ones (her poor tummy gets so sick from certain kinds of sugars and flours) but… she even took the time to send high quality organic lollipops!

I loved her bracelets!

I HIGHLY recommend such beautiful clothing and an owner who pays attention to every detail and puts in so much care to everything she sends out. The fabric is colorful, the designs are fun and every thing is sewn together with perfection.

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